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NEWS: Platform Grant Awarded | TLE Expands Board of Directors
VIEWS: Games Get Serious | Say the "F" Word | Geeks Bearing Gifts | The Semantic Web

This section combines news of the latest happenings and productions taking place at the Learning Edge, with some occasional articles periodically penned by our senior staff, which we hope you'll find of value.

What's News

  • New Directors Added To TLE Board
  • Learning Edge Receives pl@tform2005 Grant
  • Featured Articles

    It's a cyberjungle out there ... and we know it can be a challenge just to keep track of new developments and trends, let alone understand their significance, so we think you'll find these features useful.
    Games Get Serious
    by Danny Dowhal, New Media Director
    They call them serious games and they're the new buzz in the world of eLearning from schools to hospitals to the battlefield.
    Say the "F" Word
    by Danny Dowhal, New Media Director
    Flash is the cool tool that rules, thanks to its awesome interactivity ... just as long as you don't go "flashhappy."
    Geeks Bearing Gifts
    by Danny Dowhal, New Media Director
    Eye candy is dandy but function is funkier. Our propeller heads may be just the spin your designs need.
    And Onto the Ontologies ...
    by Harry Dowhal, Director of Extreme Technologies
    Read why the World Wide Web's inventor thinks the Semantic Web is the next great thing.