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With almost 15 years developing custom interactive digital media solutions, including animation, interactive disks, websites, videos, and virtual environments, The Learning Edge is a proven breeding ground for bringing creative ideas into fruition.

So, not surprisingly, within our own studio we typically have a number of independent productions in various stages of incubation.

From documentaries to learning programs to software utilities, our ideas are as diverse as the multitalented team that drives them.

NovICE: A Basic Guide to Hockey
This in-depth website teaches the basics of hockey, from the ice up. Made possible with a grant from pl@tform2005, the site ran on the Sympatico/MSN portal for the 2005-06 season, and is seeking a new home.
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  • Micromoments: A Bit of Byte-Sized Learning
    In this video learning series, backed by a website, hosts Juan and Zera (a.k.a. The Bits: 1 and 0) teach college-level Computer Science 101 fundamentals in entertaining and easy to digest 5-minute episodes.
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  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Criminal
    Inspired by our amazing neighborhood graffiti, this video documentary looks at the legal and social obstacles graffiti artists face in trying to make a name for themselves.
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  • RoboHood: Step into the Wired World of Robots
    Want to learn how to build your own robot? Targeting kids, this series teaches robotic basics, from motors to software, and includes fascinating robot facts and tidbits.
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  • Helios: Facts, Figures, and Logic; Lores, Legend, and Magic
    The Helios video learning series examines our latest discoveries, as well as tracing our oldest beliefs, about the Sun.
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  • Scooter
    Taking internet searches to the next level, this software research project is developing a Personal Knowledge Retrieval Agent, a.k.a. Scooter, for the world wide web.
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