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The Helios video series: Facts, Figures, and Logic; Lores, Legend, and Magic

The Sun is a source of energy for all life on Earth. Our ancestors realized that their lives depended on the Sun and the held the Sun in revered awe. We still recognize the importance of the Sun and seek to understand how it works, why it changes, and how these changes influence us.

The Helios video series examines our latest discoveries, as well as our oldest beliefs, about the Sun. Episodes in the series cover:

  1. Importance of the Sun
  2. Studying the Sun
  3. Solar Features
  4. Structure of the Sun
  5. Sun's Place in the Universe
  6. Life History of the Sun
  7. Solar Weather
  8. Sun and Magnetism
  9. Sun and Time
The video series comes in two levels: the junior series is intended for students entering high school and the senior series is for students leaving high school.

The Helios website supports the video series with more depth and detail for the content. The website also provides extensive resources for teachers and students.