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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Criminal
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bombs

This video documentary takes a look a graffiti, which has become a highly-popular form of contemporary art, and examines the paradoxes surrounding the medium.

Of course, not all graffiti is art, and much of it is indisputably vandalism that can be seen all over the downtown streetscapes of cities like Toronto.

Acting on the complaints of merchants and neighbourhood associations, who are extremely vocal in their opposition, most big cities make it crime to spray-paint graffiti of any kind on walls without permission, even in back alleys, and billions of dollars are spent worldwide in graffiti eradication programs.

But these laws make no differentiation between the different forms of graffiti, lumping them all together. Legitimate up-and-coming artists often find themselves at risk of being arrested as they practice their craft, and many of those who have landed in the professional ranks have run from the law in the past.

Paradoxically, the same cities that punish graffiti artists also sponsor graffiti exhibitions and festivals. So where does vandalism end and art start?

This documentary looks at the origins of graffiti, and examines its various styles and techniques. Through interviews with established artists, sociologists, art experts, teen taggers, convicted vandals, police, and community groups, it takes a broad and balanced look at this art in a can and on the lam.

Subjects Wanted

We're loking for graffiti artists who will consent to talk to us, either on or off camera. Your stories and opinions are important to us. Contact:

Danny Dowhal, Producer
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