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NovICE: A Basic Guide to Hockey, is a web-based offering that teaches the basic concepts and rules of ice hockey in an interactive and entertaining fashion. NovICE was featured on the Sympatico/MSN portal through the Fall and Winter of 2005-06, and is currently seeking a new home, with plans to grow and enhance its content and scope.

Targeting kids as well as adults who are unfamiliar with the technical details of the sport, NovICE uses text, illustrations, photos, simple animation, and voice narration to explain how the game is played ... from the ice up.

Employing a series of primary and secondary menus, the user will be able to choose content from within six main sections:

  1. Equipment: A look at the puck, sticks, apparel, and protective equipment used by hockey players, including safety tips, and help on how to get dressed.
  2. The Hockey Rink: An end-to-end explanation of the geography of a hockey rink, including the dimensions, significance of the lines, circles, and creases.
  3. Participants: A Who's Who (and Who's Where) of the players on the ice and on the bench, from forwards to backstops.
  4. Rules: The fundamentals of how hockey is played and won, including a breakdown of the periods and stoppages in play, plus infractions for which players (and coaches) are penalized, including video examples of the referee signals.
  5. Hockey's Cousins: Special sections summarize other off-ice sports similar to ice hockey, plus looks at on-ice variations like sledge hockey and ringette.
Animation is used strategically to introduce high-level topics, to raise the overall production values and appeal of the content, and to more effectively explain the subject matter, especially time-based topics that involve demonstrating plays and action.

To further foster the usefulness of the NovICE site as a reference tool, an index and search facility is provided, allowing users to directly access the exact module pertaining to a specific topic.