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For millennia, mankind has been fascinated by the notion of developing machines that act like living organisms, especially humans; from the Golem myth through to Wolfgang von Kempelen's chess playing automation to the Mars Rovers ( and every Klatu, Robbie and Cherry in between).

In recent years, technology has greatly reduced the technical skills required to build simple robots.

RoboHood is a television program that aims to excite young students (K12) about math, engineering and science through the fascinating and fun world of robotics. By awakening their interest in these technical pursuits, the series strives in turn to stimulate their interest in pursuing a post-secondary school education.

In the series episodes, Professor Simon Peach guides Toby and Tess through the fascinating world of robots. Using a combination of computer animation and live footage, the past, present and future of robotics is explored.

During each episode, the professor helps the two youngsters build robots of their own, starting with the simplest and progressing to the more advanced.

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