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The Learning Ege: Systems Integration developers and consultants Today's digital landscape encompasses countless products, competing platforms and standards, not to mention networks that span the globe delivering information to billions of people.

Acquiring the right hardware and software components is daunting enough in itself — getting all the pieces to work together within your business environment can be a serious challenge.

At the learning edge, we have over a dozen years of experience as systems integrators, tying together applications, databases, networks, operating systems, and specialized devices into cohesive business solutions.

Our firm's principals originally brought with them a wealth of experience from different business sectors, including banking, government, high tech, academia, and retail, and over the last dozen years have stayed on the cutting edge of computer technology, from internet applications to artifical intelligence.

And our generally platform-agnostic approach to systems has ensured an open mind and diversified approach to solving systems integration problems.

For example, for Magna/Decoma we integrated injection mold presses with a plant-floor touchscreen-based data gathering system and tied them to networked management reporting application.

At the Hockey Hall of Fame we've integrated cameras, public kiosks, databases, point-of-sale systems, card readers ... even the odd laser or two.

Let The Learning Edge put your problems under a microscope

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