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The Learning Edge has been the Wine Council of Ontario's web developer for the past few years, helping this high-profile industry group spread the gospel of Ontario's fine wines and the 50+ constituent wineries.

The Wines of Ontario website has evolved since its original design, and combines Flash-based animated glitz with behind-the-scenes functionality.

This includes a real-time events calendar, which uses XMl to dovetail a databased back-of-house ASP-based administrative system with the Flash-based presentation pages. Other sections include tours of the various winery regions, plus a basic guide to wines and terminology.

The individual wineries that comprise the Wine Council also collaboarte online using a database-driven bulletin board for the interchange of ideas and discussion of industry-related issues.

Website visitors can also enroll to receive a quarterly eNewsletter about the latest happenings in wine country, as well as seasonal tips about buying and serving wine.

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