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Over the past 13 years The Learning Edge has developed and maintained several highly-successful exhibits and systems for the Hockey Hall of Fame. All of these exhibits are networked, linked to databases, and designed for ongoing ease of updating. They include:

  • Great Hall InfoStations - Located inside the MCI Great Hall, these touchscreen-based kiosks provide in-depth information, including photographs, bios, and stats, about the Hall of Fame's inductees, plus photos and write-ups of all the NHL trophy winners.

  • Hometown Hockey - These touchscreen displays allowing visitors to call up hockey-related information on virtually any North American city, including the city's noted players, trophies, and championships, supplemented by a dynamically-generated theatrical multimedia display, including satellite imagery.

  • NaviSkater and websites - Over 75,000 web pages of detailed information and news about the Hockey Hall of Fame and its inductees, including 35,000 gallery photos and 7,000 player and trophy profiles.

  • TSN Broadcast Zone - This highly-popular interactive display features simulations of doing a hockey broadcast, from the announcer's booth to the director's chair, plus an interactive hockey broadcast museum, and an "It's Your Call" booth that collects and emails fan comments.

  • Recently upgraded, the IBM Global Game Encounter is an innovative, interactive, high-tech exhibit providing in-depth information about international hockey.

  • Other Learning Edge solutions implemented at the Hockey Hall of Fame include a sophisticated multimedia database and retrieval system for the Hall's collection of historical artifacts and photos, and an online London Life Education Program. The Learning Edge also developed and integrated a unique solution for taking, printing, previewing, and selling digital photographs using Kodak Digital Science technology.

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